Daniel Dietz is an amazing and caring teenager. He has chosen to raise money for The Smile Train, an organization that is dedicated to helping the millions of children in the world who are born with a cleft lip and palate by providing free surgery for children in over 70 countries, free training for doctors and research to find a cure. He was inspired by the charity because one hundred percent of all donations go towards the surgeries and it only costs $250.00 to change a child’s life.

Daniel has been performing eye shocking yo-yo tricks to raise awareness and money for The Smile Train. One spectator said Daniel is “a master of space and time”. He has yo-yoed in the Basketball Hall of Fame, Six Flags New England, at college basketball and hockey games and at least once a week at some event. Daniel also teaches young children how to yo-yo and is getting really good at asking adults for donations.

As of January 1, 2007, Daniel had raised more than $37,000 for The Smile Train. He spends over 8 hours a week yo-yoing, calling places to ask if he can yo-yo, writing letters to ask for donations and writing thank you notes. His goal is to continue to raise more money because there are so many waiting children all over the world who need this surgery and cannot afford it.

Daniel has inspired other students by making them see that even an 11 year old can raise money (that is how old he was when he started this project), can make a difference. We have received numerous letters and cards from people telling us how incredible Daniel is and that they want to donate because Daniel is using his own talents and putting himself out there to help other children.

Daniel has yo-yoed in front of thousands of people and so many are inspired by his compassion and commitment to The Smile Train. He truly is making a difference through his outstanding community service and dedication.

To learn more about Daniel or to request a performance at a community event or fund raising function in your area, please complete the contact us form on this site for more information.

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